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Having worked at Shaklee for 9 years, I became familiar with the products, the science and the stories of how these products have changed people's lives.  I also got to see "in person" how Shaklee quite literally changed the financial future of their distributors.  So, when the time came for me to choose a brand to represent, there was only one choice.

I don't just sell the products, I use them as well!  When my doctor tried to put me on statins for high cholesterol, I chose to use Cholesterol Reduction Complex instead - and dropped my "bad" cholesterol by 50 points in only 3 months!  When I broke my ankle (3 bones, mind you - I don't do anything by half measure!) and my surgeon found I had signs of osteoporosis, I upped my Osteomatrix, Vitamin D and B Complex and at my exam 8 weeks later was not only healed, but my bones had strengthened and hardened and there was no more worry about a second surgery!

Each person has their own "Why I Shaklee" story.  For me, it's belief - in the product, in the plan and in the people who live The Shaklee Way.  If you're looking for a place where you belong...where you'll be properly mentored, encouraged and educated...then join my team!  I have over 100 years' leadership experience on my team

If you're just looking to feel better, then Ask Leigh what's right for your specific needs by clicking the Contact Me at the top right of the screen and let's set up your consultation today!